Taking Care of Coily hair

One of the most difficult things about having coily hair is styling it. It’s been my experience that maintaining type 4A hair is an seamless process if your willing to be committed to the process. Another thing to consider when it comes to having full coily hair is to comb it often, by not properly combing your hair it can become dull and difficult to manage. For instance if you don’t add water to your hair on a hot day if can prove to be detrimental to your hair journey. Hopefully I can provide some solace to you achieving wonderfully long and well cared for coily hair. I can personally say that over the last decade of having this hair texture it has truly been an difficult one. The beauty supply stores in my area currently don’t have products for African american hair. So when im looking to find something that can be easily absorbed on my type 4a hair texture its really not easy.

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