Dear SevenTorrents Lovers

We have been serving you for near 10 years and served over 40 Million visitors, with all troublems including copyright complaints, limitations, domain bans and ...., we were able to keep this site up and running and make our visitors satisfied.

Today we have decided to retire. But this is not the end for you and we will not let you down, there is a good news for you. We have talked with the owners of our professional friend site WatchSoMuch which is doing same thing as we were doing but in a better way, it has a super fast search and modern and mobile friendly design.

We have transferred all the data and members to there, please visit and continue using your account in WatchSoMuch with same password and enjoy.

SevenTorrents will be up for few days but we no longer update this site.
We promise this event will look like a change of address and layout to you. there is no difference the data will be better and more complete, all data including movies, torrents, activities, comments have been transferred to WSM so you will feel like home.

SevenTorrents Team


    Download Utilities

  • µTorrent: The World's most popular torrent client utility (required for downloading torrents) [173634 clicks in 9 years]
  • BitTorrent: The World's most popular torrent client utility (required for downloading torrents) [6042 clicks in 9 years]
  • Azureus: The famous java torrent client utility [3870 clicks in 9 years]
  • GetRight: The professional download manager utility [3872 clicks in 9 years]
  • RevShared: Search any file in this program and it will find it on many sites over the net [3603 clicks in 8 years]
  • Websites

  • USENET (14 days free): The largest file database over the net, get14 DAYS FREE TRIAL!!! [199475 clicks in 8 years]
  • Imdb: The internet movie database [16863 clicks in 9 years]
  • Subscene: The best subtitle site for all languages [15702 clicks in 9 years]
  • ImpAwards: Movie poster site [3975 clicks in 9 years]
  • MoTechSubs: Subtitle site (Based on movie imdb id) [3690 clicks in 9 years]
  • MoTechPosters: Movie posters and covers (Based on movie imdb id) [3558 clicks in 9 years]
  • FarsiSubtitles: زیرنویس فارسی ‎ [2524 clicks in 9 years]
  • iDownloadAll: A good site to download mp3 [5353 clicks in 8 years]
  • StreamOlympicsLive: Watch Winter Olympics Games Live [11121 clicks in 8 years]
  • Play online Games [2703 clicks in 8 years]
  • Quick-Torrent: Convert any torrent to download link! Its not a joke, this site downloads any torrent you want for you then gives you the download link [30493 clicks in 7 years]
  • How to make money: Click the link and watch the video to see how you can make money with a minimum of 100$ deposit [10614 clicks in 5 years]
  • Players

  • KMPlayer: Another great all-in-one media player covering various formats such as VCD, DVD, ... [40100 clicks in 9 years]
  • Gom media player: A full featured software to synchronize subtitle with the movie [8474 clicks in 9 years]
  • WinDVD: The most powerful dvd player [2697 clicks in 9 years]
  • VLC Media Player: VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac ...) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols [12369 clicks in 8 years]
  • Dziobas Rar Player: An amazing utility for playing videos splitted into several rar files without extracting it, for users complaining about rar movies [5158 clicks in 8 years]
  • Stereoscopic Player: This is the best free 3D player to play real 3D media, adaptable to any file type including Side-By-Side and interlaced... media that can be adjusted to use with any kind of passive glasses [1680 clicks in 6 years]
  • Codecs

  • Direct X: Get the latest version of Microsoft DirectX to enhance your multimedia performance [3340 clicks in 9 years]
  • FFDSHOW: All codec libraries (good for professionals users) [2707 clicks in 9 years]
  • VobSub: Direct Vob Sub (Plugin to show subtitles in all players) [2825 clicks in 9 years]
  • AC3Filter: A high quality free audio decoder and processor filter. It allows media players to playback movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks [2595 clicks in 9 years]
  • DivX: Official DivX Codecs and utilities website [2688 clicks in 9 years]
  • XviD: Official XviD Codec website website [2437 clicks in 9 years]
  • Matroska (mkv): Official Matroska (mkv) codec website [2690 clicks in 9 years]
  • Convertion Tools

  • DVDFab: The most popular DVD ripper utility [2865 clicks in 9 years]
  • DVD43: DVD43 is free program that that integrates into Windows and decrypts DVDs on the fly [2588 clicks in 9 years]
  • ConvertXtoDVD: The most popular avi (divx,xvid,...) to dvd convertor utility [28105 clicks in 9 years]
  • AVIAddXSubs: Add subtitle to avi file, some DVD players only support embedded subtitles [2146 clicks in 8 years]
  • Internet

  • Mozilla Firefox: Upgrade to the speediest, safest and most advanced Firefox yet. [2437 clicks in 9 years]
  • TorrentPrivacy: Some ISPs today are tracking torrent downloaders and warn them. with this software you can download Torrents anonymously. [12514 clicks in 8 years]
  • TorrentPrivacy: Some ISPs today are tracking torrent downloaders and warn them. with this software you can download Torrents anonymously. [41739 clicks in 8 years]
  • Alexa Toolbar: Add this toolbar to your browser to quickly access to traffic rank of visiting website and a lot more features, click to learn more [3218 clicks in 8 years]
  • BTGuard: Are you afraid your ISP realize it when you download an illegal torrent? BTGuard makes you completely anonymous. [247000 clicks in 7 years]
  • HttpTunnel: Provides remote access via HTTP on its own network; creates an encrypted HTTP tunnel and so bypasses the local firewall, thus allows to access each network service and Wake On LAN (WOL) enabled devices on the network; contains FTP, Socks and HTTP proxy, can also be operated on an Android device or Java with optional [1064 clicks in 5 years]
  • Antivirus and Antispyware

  • Eset Smart Security, Nod32: Best antivirus and antispyware [3578 clicks in 9 years]
  • Avast Antivirus: Best of free antiviruses [3739 clicks in 8 years]
  • Other useful softwares

  • 7Zip: Compression utility (Required to extract compressed files) [7460 clicks in 9 years]
  • Altap Salamander: The best file manager to replace windows explorer (I am amazed with this software! specially waiting for copy completion before starting another file copy) [2518 clicks in 9 years]
  • InstantLock: The best software I found for lock and hide folders and password protect folders [2639 clicks in 9 years]
  • Subtitle Workshop: A full featured utility to edit and synchronize subtitle with the movie [2552 clicks in 9 years]
  • TrayIt: Minimize applications to system tray to save taskbar space by pressing shift and clicking the minimize button. [1812 clicks in 9 years]
  • Babylon: Best translation software and dictionary tool (not free) [1756 clicks in 8 years]
  • MyPhoneExplorer: A great free software for organizing Sony Erricsson mobile phones using pc and send,receive and archive sms [1917 clicks in 8 years]
  • Babylon Translator: The worlds best tralslator [37842 clicks in 7 years]
  • SpyAgent: Monitor every computer from anywhere [1796 clicks in 7 years]
  • Affiliation programs (Earn money from your site)

  • TorrentPrivacy: Introduce TorrentPrivacy to users of your site to prevent them from being tracked by ISPs when downloading torrents. [2658 clicks in 8 years]
  • BTGuard: Another bit-torrent encryption software affiliation program. I found this affiliation program more honest than other programs, the conversion rate is about 1:100 which I no affiliation program gives this number, also it gives you the banners [26413 clicks in 8 years]
  • Hotfile: Get payed for the links you insert into your site from hotfile [1773 clicks in 8 years]
  • AdMetrics: Affiliation programs with Good Payouts [1816 clicks in 7 years]
  • Sponsored Softwares

  • Introduce your software to the world!: Do you want to introduce your software to the world? click here [2322 clicks in 9 years]
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